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Sky TV for Motorhomes

Yes, you can use the QuickSAT satellite TV kit for motorhomes and caravans with SKY*.  Using our QuickSAT satellite dish whilst on holiday will enable you to watch crystal clear SKY television just as if you were at home.  Depending on the dish size you choose you can even watch your Sky TV in France, Germany, Spain and other areas of Europe.

Watching SKY TV in your motorhome is easier than you may think, our patented easy set up and alignment system means you can be up and running within minutes, no messing with a sat finder or watching the signal strength on your TV. Just follow our comprehensive instructions of video guides and you can sit back and watch Sky TV in your motorhome.

Want to watch Freesat in your motorhome instead? You can do that with QuickSAT too.

Check out or range of satellite dishes for motorhomes and caravans.


*Sky is a registered trademark of Sky UK Limited. Falcon Technical Ltd is not affiliated with Sky and no endorsement by Sky is implied.
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New QuickSAT Motorhome & Caravan Satellite TV Intro Video

Watch our new QuickSAT introduction video below and see how easy it to set and be watching Sky, Freesat or other free-to-air satellite TV services in your motorhome or caravan while on holiday in the UK or abroad.

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UK Satellite TV in Europe Reception Map

Over the last year or so we have received many reception reports from customers using the QuickSAT portable satellite TV system in France, Spain and elsewhere in Europe, we have now collated these into an interactive QuickSAT coverage map that allows you can zoom in and click on individual areas for more detailed information such as channels received and what receiver was in use (Sky, Sky HD, Freesat etc).

We are really grateful to to those customers who have sent us their results, it benefits all QuickSAT users.

If you have used a QuickSAT dish in a new area you can submit your own reception report here

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