Find your elevation

Setting the elevation on your QuickSAT satellite TV dish is easy thanks to the QuickSAT digital elevation meter, all you need is the elevation in degrees for you location.

You can find the elevation for your location using the chart in your QuickSAT instruction manual (also available here) or using the tools below


Visit¬† and enter your location, this could be a post code and country such as “WA4 4LE, UK”, a town such as “Lille, France” or a latitude and longitude such as “51.5010,-0.1416”.

Select the satellite you want to use, eg. for UK TV select “28.2E ASTRA 2E | ASTRA 2F | ASTRA 2G”

Read the elevation from the details below the map and set your QuickSAT elevation meter to this value.

Phone and Tablet Apps

There are many different apps to tell you what the elevation should be but these are the ones we have tried and tested:

For iPhone and iPad: DishPointer App

For Android phones and tablets: SatFinder App