Hints & Tips

Satellite Direction and compass check.

Ensure a clear line of sight, not obscured by trees, buildings or other solid objects.

Check the compass is working correctly, hold in the hand off the ground and check against a known approximate direction.

Never use the compass near high power lines etc. as this can cause an erroneous reading.

Always store the compass away from the elevation meter as the magnetic base of the meter may damage the compass.


Electronics Test & Tips.

Make a visual check of speaker on/off switch, ensure ‘on’ position is selected.

Check the batteries are installed the right way round.

Check the speaker battery capacity is OK by plugging into the earphone socket on your mobile phone or tablet and playing music or making a call.

If the speaker is damaged or batteries have failed you could connect any headphones that you available instead.

Check the alignment of the LNB (the cable connection should be pointing to approximately 5 O’clock when viewed from the rear of the dish).


Calibrating the elevation meter.

Under normal circumstances the meter should not need calibrating, however the calibration can be checked and if necessary re-calibrated using the following procedure;

1. Turn the meter off and put it on a flat, smooth surface.

2. Press and hold the ON/OFF and HOLD buttons until CAL shows on the display turns on and then release.

3. keeping the meter still press the HOLD button until CAL1 shows on the display.

4. Rotate the meter by 180 degrees then press the HOLD button until CAL2 shows on the display.

5. When CAL2 disappears the calibration is complete and the LCD will show the current angle.


TV Cable Connection.

Ensure the TV has a satellite receiver built in or an external receiver connected and that the correct signal source is selected in the TV source menu (select HDMI option if using separate satellite receiver connected via an HDMI cable).

Connect speaker jack plug to the audio out or headphone out of your TV and not an audio input.

A check for correct audio connection can be made by playing a DVD and the audio should be heard via the satellite setup speaker.