QuickSAT QS45 Portable Satellite TV System


  • Compact lightweight dish
  • Includes weather proof travel bag
  • Works in minutes from unpacking
  • Works across the whole of UK, Scotland and Ireland.
  • Available with Free-to-Air Receiver
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SKU: QS45.

Product Description

Touring Satellite system with fast Dish alignment

The QuickSAT QS45 is the light weight, portable solution to satellite TV on the go. Unlike many portable satellites it works all over the UK including Scotland. Aided with QuickSAT satellite elevation and alignment technology it allows you to setup and begin watching all your channels in minutes of arriving at a camp site. It will work with any TV with an integrated satellite receiver or any free-to-air or Sky receiver. An optional pre-tuned 12 volt DC satellite receiver is also available.The QuickSAT satellite system allows you to find and lock on to your desired satellite (Astra2 for UK TV line up) within minutes from unpacking your kit. The QuickSAT simply uses our patented alignment device conveniently placed on the back of the dish to set the required elevation.

Read more about what makes QuickSAT special or watch our demonstration video here.

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Advantages of using QuickSAT QS45

 Ideal for camping

Sized at just 55cm L x 45cm W x 20 cm H the Quicksat weather proof travel bag houses
everything you need to watch Digital Satellite TV on the move. The QS45 weights under 5KG and can be setup and ready to use in minutes.

 Low cost with EASY setup

Thanks to our patented accurate alignment system and innovative design the QS45 is the easiest to set up low cost touring satellite system.

 Works with any TV

Can be used with any TV with an integrated satellite receiver, your own receiver (including SKY) or the optional 12V “QuickSAT free to air receiver”.

 Easy to setup

No Sat finder required, includes our patented fast and effective satellite alignment system.

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