QuickSAT QS65 Portable Satellite TV System


  • Lightweight 43cm square Flat Dish
  • Better reception than a traditional 65cm dish
  • Works in minutes from unpacking
  • Receives all UK TV channels across England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, over most of France and into West Germany.
  • Optional Free-to-Air Receiver available
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SKU: QS65.

Product Description

Touring Satellite system with fast Dish alignment

The QS65 Satellite Kit includes everything you need to watch Digital Satellite TV on the move. Each kit includes a Flat-Dish, sturdy lightweight tripod with ground fixings, QuickSAT elevation and alignment kit , as well as all required leads and connections. It will work with any TV with an integrated satellite receiver or any free-to-air or Sky receiver. An optional pre-tuned 12 volt DC satellite receiver is also available.

The patented QuickSAT elevation and alignment system allows for fast setup and eliminates the problems associated with the traditional type of “satellite finders”.

Although it only measures 43cm square, the QS65 has the performance of a 65cm diameter satellite dish and can be used over the whole of Europe with any satellite. It will receive UK TV channels all over England, Scotland, Wales & Ireland and over most of France and West Germany

The Cassegrain design “flat dish” focuses the signal onto the LNB which is placed behind the dish rather than on an arm at the front making for a small self contained unit. The whole dish and LNB assembly is housed in a durable UV protected composite plastic cover ensuring a long life.

Read more about what makes QuickSAT special or watch our demonstration video here.

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Advantages of using QuickSAT QS65

 Ideal for camping

Includes a water proof carry case and packs down to L: 43cm W: 20cm H:43 cm. The QS65 weights just 5KG and can be setup and ready to use in minutes.

 Works with any TV

Can be used with any TV with an integrated satellite receiver, your own receiver (including SKY) or the optional 12V “QuickSAT free to air receiver”.

 Easy to setup

No Sat finder required, includes our patented fast and effective satellite alignment system.

 The Small Dish with BIG Power

At just 43cm Square the QS65 is as powerful as a traditional 65cm round dish. Its built in LNB and smart find technology make viewing TV over most of the UK and Europe a breeze.

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