Quick Start Guide

1. Put the sat mat on the ground and then put the compass in the compass possition move the mat and rotate the mat until the red arrow of the compass is in line with the red line on the mat.

Now the blue line is pointing to where the satelite is in the sky.

2. Open the Tripod and use any leg to put over the blue line, this is now the your direction indicator for the satellite

3. Put the dish on the tripod and centrally locate the dish over the leg that is facing the satellite.

4. Connect the cable to the LNB on the dish and the 3.5mm cable to one side of the 3.5mm socket on the dish. Plug the speaker in to the other side of the 3.5mm socket.

5. Connect the other end of the cable to your TV or Satellite reciever box, making the connnection to the LNB IN and connect the 3.5mm cable to the head phone out of your TV or audio output of your receiver.

6. Select a TV station on your SATELLITE receiver and increase the volume to maximum.

7. Use the elevation table or visit www.quicksatuk.com/find-your-elevation for the elevation in the area you are camping.

8. Place the elevation meter on the dish and switch it on then tilt the dish back to the required elevation and tighten up.

9. Turn the speaker on

10. Turn the dish horizontally to the left 1 cm a time in staggerd movment then stop for 5 seconds. If you do not hear the sound after 5 seconds then move the dish again to the left again for another 1 cm
and again leave in this positon for another 5 seconds. If you still do not have the sound then follow the same above instructions for maximum of 6 times checking the elevation is still the same.

If you have moved the dish more than 6 times to the left and still have no sound return the dish to the blue line and move the dish in the same way but now to the right following the same guide.

If for any reason you have no sound after all of this please check your batteries in your speaker and your connections.

A simple test for you to follow is change the source on your TV to DVD and press play on the DVD. Then check the speaker on the dish has sound. If there is no sound from the DVD then you know you have a problem with the connnection of the audio cable or the batteries in your speaker.

It is also possible for you to plug in normal headphones to the same socket on the dish as you plug the speaker. Then you do not have the battery consideration with the sound.